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Flight Information

Flights - (26th Mar, 2023)

Whether travelling or picking someone up, you’ll find all the arrival and departure flight information you’ll need here. You'll also find details for our airline partners and available routes from Paro.

Arrival: (26th Mar, 2023)
From Via Airline Flight Schedule Time Status
DELHI (DEL) - Drukair KB201 9:15 AM Landed
BANGKOK (BKK) - Drukair KB153 9:45 AM Landed
YONPHULA (YON) - Drukair KB031 10:10 AM Landed
SINGAPORE (SIN) GUWAHATI (GAU) Drukair KB541 2:40 PM Scheduled

Departure: (26th Mar, 2023)
To Via Airline Flight Schedule Time Status
YONPHULA (YON) - Drukair KB030 8:00 AM Departed
BANGKOK (BKK) DAKKA (DAC) Drukair KB126 11:50 AM Scheduled